Returning to Your Light

Retreats and Workshops for Therapists and Healers

Our Vision

We became Social Workers because we believe in helping and serving people from all walks of life. After decades of working in very challenging jobs, we have learned how easy it can be to forget about our own needs as providers, caretakers, healers and Lightworkers.

We have a vision to bring healers together to create a space of quiet contemplation, to hear the wisdom of our own hearts and the voice of the Divine Creator. Our retreats are an opportunity for like-minded people to remember our own well-being is a priority when serving others.

Our prayer is to have our participants feel peace, sacredness, love, joy and to know we are held in the larger healing community.

When we are filled with love, we can reach farther and be the Light this world needs.

With deep love and gratitude,

Christine Lord and Kim Lovejoy


a bit about us

Kim Lovejoy LICSW, SEP

retreat coordinator

breathwork facilitator

somatic experiencing session provider

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I have a passion for exploring healing from a holistic approach. Through my own journey, I have experienced and learned about the deep needs and wisdom of our bodies, and how important it is to honor the mind, body, heart and soul connection in our healing work. My latest calling has been in cultivating ways to support other therapists and healers. I deeply believe that when we can be held and supported on our own journeys, we can show up in more authentic ways for the people we are caring for.

Christine Lord LICSW, SEP


heart of our ceremony circles

reiki session provider

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 I strongly hold compassion at the center of my work, knowing only love heals. I have a holistic approach that keeps us in the present moment by using mindfulness and somatic processing to connect with our mind, body and spirit. I love working with people to help them remember their own Sacred Wholeness! When we can open to possibility, curiosity and invite love in, life can be transformed! I enjoy helping people understand how to use their Sacred gifts, learn to trust the Great Mystery (and themselves!) and to support their unique Soul journey.


3:00 (or later) check in

5:30 dinner

7:00 opening circle

You are invited to check in anytime after 3:00 to settle in and explore the beautiful grounds of the Christine Center, or snuggle into your cabin for an afternoon nap. There will be optional massage, breathwork, somatic exploration, or reiki, sessions available between meals and ceremony points each day. Contact if you would like to reserve a session.


The evening opening circle will be a time for participants to gather and set our intentions for the weekend. We invite you to bring along a personal item that holds meaning to you that will be placed on a communal altar that we will honor throughout the weekend.


8:00 breakfast

10:00 ceremony point

12:30 lunch

4:00 ceremony point

5:30 dinner

Saturday will be a day for you to deepen into the heart of this retreat. There will be two ceremony points throughout the day where we will gather. You will have the space to honor what you need throughout the day which may include taking a nap in your cabin, receiving a massage, enjoying a winter hike along the beautiful trails in the woods, having a reiki or breathwork session to support your journey, enjoying the sauna, reading or journaling in the beautiful meditation hall, or browsing the library that hosts meaningful books and gifts. This retreat is for you, and you can follow your intuition with what you need.


8:00 breakfast

9:30 closing circle

11:00 check out

12:30 lunch

The morning closing circle will be a time where participants come together to honor the experiences of our weekend journey. You will leave with a vision of how you would like to weave in the sacred work of deepening your self love into your life and work moving forward. You will also receive a few meaningful gifts to take with you to remind you of our time together and the intentions you have cultivated throughout the weekend.


This retreat has been cultivated through deep love and intention for you. It will be hosted at the beautiful Christine Center in Willard, Wisconsin, where you are invited to stay in a cabin in the woods, enjoy healthy meals, warm up by a winter bonfire or in the sauna, and take naps at your leisure.

Sometimes we become out of balance in our work/ personal lives, and become depleted with the demands that we face on a daily basis, especially in the helping/ service professions. This will be an opportunity to remember that our own well-being is priority when serving others, and this will be time to have a weekend away where our only focus is ourselves. This retreat is for therapists and other healing professionals who are looking for a weekend of rest and rejuvenation. It will be a place for us to come together for quiet contemplation; a time to return to our own Light.

Our prayer is that you will find peace, sacredness, love and know how truly supported you are. Self-love is the sacred medicine we all need, and as healing professionals, we can forget or become out of balance with this. When we are filled with love, knowing we are the embodiment of love, we can reach farther and be the Light this world needs. This retreat will include a time to still the mind and rejuvenate the body. There will be options for gentle stretching/ yoga, dance, music, quiet reflection, community, breathwork, and ceremony. There will also be an opportunity to sign-up for massage, breathwork, somatic exploration and Reiki sessions, although times for these services will be limited, so let us know if you would like to secure a session! 


To reserve a space for the retreat, please contact The cost for the retreat

is $222 and this will secure a spot for the in-person retreat and our virtual back up plan. We are accepting donated funds beyond the suggested cost if you would like to contribute to the opportunity for us to provide scholarships for our BIPOC community, marginalized populations, and those facing financial strain. Additional costs will include lodging and optional meals. There are a few lodging options to choose from including private rooms, or cabins that can be reserved as private or shared. Costs range from $55 per night, to $90 per night. Meal choices are completely personal preference and you can choose to pay per meal, or forego the meal option and utilize the kitchenettes in the cabins for your own food. 


Details about the retreat location, lodging options, and meals can be found at


Looking forward to supporting one another in deepening our self love, and returning to our Light!


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