Returning to Your Light

Retreats and Workshops for Healers, Helpers & Sensitive Souls
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Immersive weekend experiences to deeply listen to your Soul.

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In person and virtual offerings to reconnect with your heart.

Our prayer

for the healers, helpers and sensitive souls of this world:

May you find peace from following your soul’s wisdom

May you rest your body, heart and mind as much as you create

May you feel connected and supported by others

May you foster the love that lives in your heart with joy & laughter

May you bring presence to your light and shadow

May you know the healing power of self-love and self-compassion

May you share your gifts with the world sustainably

May you align with the energy of equal giving and receiving 


Our Vision

We are back to in-person retreats!

We hold sacred space for high-sensitives, empaths, lightworkers, healers (& wounded healers), mothers, creatives, big-hearted folks, agents of social change, and spiritual seekers. We love helping those who help others because we know how much beauty and struggle can be on the healer’s journey.

We know most helpers and healers of the world have big hearts and feel a sacred calling to help this planet! Over time, it can be easy for healing professionals to forget, or set aside their own needs on the healer’s journey. We hope to help healers, helpers and sensitive souls share their gifts with humanity and the earth sustainably from a place of wholeness, through presence, love and connection with their sacred self, others and the Earth.

Our healing circles are a place to come ground into Source energy and listen to your Soul wisdom. Our space holds opportunities for reflection, transformation, rejuvenation, to give and receive support, and practice living a beautifully embodied life so you can celebrate your sacred aliveness. It is through connecting with our sacred self and others in a nourishing and safe container, that we can help bring a new vision and dream that supports healing the collective heart on Earth.


a bit about us

Kim Lovejoy LICSW, SEP

retreat coordinator

breathwork facilitator

somatic experiencing session provider

I have a passion for exploring healing from a holistic approach. Through my own journey, I have experienced and learned about the deep needs and wisdom of our bodies, and how important it is to honor the mind, body, heart and soul connection in our healing work. My latest calling has been in cultivating ways to support other therapists and healers. I deeply believe that when we can be held and supported on our own journeys, we can show up in more authentic ways for the people we are caring for.

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Christine Lord LICSW, SEP
ceremony creatrix 
heart of our ceremony guide
reiki master provider

 I strongly hold compassion at the center of my work, knowing only love heals. I have a holistic approach that keeps us in the present moment by using mindfulness and somatic processing to connect with our mind, body and spirit. I love working with people to help them remember their own Sacred Wholeness! When we can open to possibility, curiosity and invite love in, life can be transformed! I enjoy helping people understand how to use their Sacred gifts, learn to trust the Great Mystery (and themselves!) and to support their unique Soul journey.

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